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Supercharge Your Business with the Honeywell 1472G: The Ultimate Retail Scanner!

In today's fast-paced retail industry, having a reliable and efficient scanning solution is crucial for enhancing productivity and providing exceptional customer service. Introducing the Honeywell 1472G, a game-changing handheld scanner that brings a new level of accuracy, durability, and versatility to your business operations. In this blog post, we will explore the impressive capabilities and benefits of the Honeywell 1472G, offered by Total Device Solutions, the leading provider of cutting-edge technology solutions. Get ready to revolutionize your business with this powerful retail scanner!

The Honeywell 147X2G sets a new standard for scanning accuracy. It excels at reading 1D and 2D barcodes, even damaged or poor-quality ones, ensuring smooth and efficient transactions at the point of sale. No more frustrating delays or errors due to unreadable codes! Additionally, the scanner is built to withstand the rigors of a busy retail environment. Engineered to endure 30 drops from a height of 1.8 meters (6 feet) and 1,000 tumbles from 0.5 meters (1.6 feet), the 1472G is designed to last.

With an extended scan distance, the Honeywell 1472G eliminates the need for bending or wasting time at the checkout. It effortlessly reaches the bottom of shopping carts, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction. The scanner's longer Bluetooth range provides greater operational flexibility, making it ideal for line busting or setting up peak-season satellite POS stations. Maximize your business's potential with the Honeywell 1472G's exceptional capabilities.

Total Device Solutions offers the Honeywell 1472G as part of their commitment to delivering top-quality technology solutions. Built on the platform of Honeywell's iconic Voyager series handheld scanners, the 1472G is fully backward-compatible with existing Voyager accessories, reducing your total cost of ownership. It seamlessly integrates into your current systems, allowing for a smooth transition and minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

Unlock the power of data-driven insights with Honeywell Operational Intelligence software. This innovative solution provides actionable insights into critical areas such as mobility devices, printer usage, and network connectivity. Leverage these insights to optimize workflow processes, enhance employee productivity, and ultimately drive greater business success.

To experience the transformative capabilities of the Honeywell 1472G for your business, visit Total Device Solutions at As a trusted provider of leading-edge technology solutions, Total Device Solutions offers a seamless purchasing experience, outstanding customer support, and a comprehensive range of solutions to meet your business needs.

The Honeywell 1472G from Total Device Solutions is a must-have scanning solution for businesses in the retail industry. With unparalleled accuracy, durability, and flexibility, this handheld scanner will revolutionize your operations and provide an exceptional customer experience. Don't miss out on this game-changing technology – visit today and unlock the full potential of your business with the Honeywell 1472G!


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